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The Crash Hub is the leading online Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory. All accident reconstruction experts listed in The Crash Hub are available for retention, consultation and expert witness services. Accident Reconstruction is a broad term for experts that are versed in the many disciplines of collision reconstruction.

The Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory (referred to as The Crash Hub) specializes in featuring accident reconstruction experts globally. The expert directory allows the user to search for accident reconstruction experts in a variety of ways.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Search Zip Code

The quickest and easiest way to search the Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory is to simply enter your Zip Code, then click the search button. All accident reconstruction experts listed on the results page are categorized in relation to the zip code entered. Each expert in the search result will also display how many miles they are located from that zip code! 

Accident Reconstruction Expert Search By Specialty

Accident Reconstruction Experts vary by experience, rate and specialties. When evaluating the right accident reconstruction expert for your case, make sure you retain the expert with the experience that matches your needs. The Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory allow you to find accident reconstruction experts by the following disciplines:

Accident Reconstruction Expert Search By State

Another useful accident reconstruction expert search criteria is the ability to search by location or state. Often times attorneys are looking for local accident reconstruction experts as it is more cost effective to their case. The Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory lists experts from almost every state in the United States. You can even drill your search down further by searching by county or city. Below are some of the states where you can find and retain an accident reconstruction expert:

Search Results

As important as entering the criteria for an effective search for your next accident reconstruction expert, is sorting through the results. The Crash Hub’s search results can be organized in a variety of ways: most reviews, A-Z name, Z-A name, and by zip code location. In addition, the search results can also be viewed is a variety of ways: list view, grid view or map view.

After performing your desired accident reconstruction expert search, the results for accident reconstruction experts will be displayed. Simply use the helpful organization toolbar to organize and set your desired view:

The Crash Hub accident reconstruction search bar

Below are examples of the different views

Accident reconstruction expert directory map

Map View
(Default View)

The Crash Hub expert search grid view

List View

The Crash Hub expert search grid view

Grid View

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The Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory is owned and operated by Crash Data Group, Inc. Crash Data Group is the North American product distributor of vehicle crash data tools and software dedicated to assisting those who investigate automobile accidents stay current with the ever-evolving and emerging automotive technologies, crash data acquisition and research studies. We also publish a bi-annual technical magazine – Collision Magazine – containing the newest crash research and articles.

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